Independent Legal Advice

Independent Legal Advice (ILA) should be obtained prior to entering into any domestic contract.

In order to provide ILA a lawyer would meet with you to understand your needs from a legal standpoint. The lawyer reviews the domestic contract (cohabitation agreement, marriage contract or separation agreement) and provides a written opinion explaining what the contract means and whether it is in accordance with your wishes or meets your needs.

Providing ILA is an in-depth process that goes beyond the initial client consultation. It is important to obtain ILA prior to entering into any domestic contract in order to protect the integrity of the agreement and to protect you. By receiving ILA prior to entering into a contract, you are reducing the risk of the contract being set aside in the future.

Erin Simpson can review your domestic contract and provide you with a comprehensive written opinion to ensure you understand the contents of your contract and that the contract addresses your wishes and needs.

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