Making children a priority.

Erin Simpson Family Law was established in July 2018 and focuses
exclusively on family law,

Providing legal advice and representation to clients in Toronto and the GTA.

Our goal is to bring stability and control to what can otherwise feel like an unstable situation. We approach every scenario with professionalism, integrity and transparency, building trusting relationshps with our clients.

We take the time to listen to our clients and customize a plan to meet their needs and take a practical approach to solving complex matters.


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Child support is the right of the child.
Child support typically consists of a Guideline amount (often referred to as “table” child support) which is usually paid on a monthly basis to cover the child’s basic necessities...

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Married spouses are entitled to a division of property, referred to as equalization of net family properties. Common-law couples may be entitled to a division of property under certain circumstances but there is no automatic entitlement...

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Custody refers to decision making for the child. A parent who has sole custody has the sole authority to make a final decision for the child.
Parents who share joint custody of the child make decisions together...

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"Erin enjoys all facets of family law, with a particular emphasis on parenting issues... the best interests of the child are paramount... all negotiations and settlements are child-centered."



“The service Erin Simpson provided me was outstanding. Her ability to empathize with her clients helped make a stressful process bearable... 
Erin has an ability to explain options and analyze possible outcomes very clearly unlike anyone I have ever dealt with."
- Brian D

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©  2020  Erin Simpson Family Law. All rights reserved.

©  2020  Erin Simpson Family Law. All rights reserved.

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